3ROC Orienteering News 16th January 2020

This weekend – a slight pause in the normal orienteering calendar this weekend as there is a two day training camp on based around Glendalough. Entries for this closed some weeks ago and there are over 120 orienteers from 16 clubs taking part. The lead club in organising the weekend is GEN, so well done for initiating it.

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Part of St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra

Next weekend we have the second 3ROC “Dublin by Night” event, this time at St Patrick’s College in Drumcondra, Dublin 9 on Saturday January 25th. This will be a night sprint, with two short courses and lots of controls. We aim to have contactless electronic punching enabled, so if you have a SIAC (contactless SI card), make sure to bring it along. The Planner & Organiser is John McCullough and he’d like to get a couple of volunteers to help on the night. Start times will be 6.30 to 7.30 pm but take note that there is a Dublin v Kerry football match in Croke Park on that evening at 7.15 pm so allow some extra time in cases there is heavy traffic in the area. Most of the match crowd will have left Drumcondra for Croke Park by 6.45 pm. See the location here.

The map will be 1:3000 scale on waterproof paper with a map-flip for at least the longer courses (i.e. turn the map over to see the second part of the course). The going underfoot will be about 90% paved so runners rather than O-shoes are recommended. We’ll have final details on the IOA Forum here next week.

Note that IOA Rule 2.3.14 says “For Sprint, Urban, or Night events, no competitors aged at less than 16 years on the day of the competition shall be allowed to compete”. We usually interpret this as referring to unaccompanied under-16’s rather than to someone doing the course with a parent.

Have a look back at some of the recent posts, or the 3ROC Facebook page here, for other bits and pieces of information. There’s some good recent material from the International Orienteering Federation promoting orienteering on the Facebook page.

See you in the forest!