Permanent Orienteering Courses at Griffeen Park; Ticknock; & Phoenix Park.

Griffeen Park: Provided by South Dublin County Sports Partnership and 3ROC

Griffeen 2018 POC Short Course

Griffeen 2018 POC Medium Course

Griffeen 2018 POC Long Course

See Griffeen location map here.

If you’d like to check that you got them all right, e-mail and we’ll send you a sheet with the correct codes on it.

The Ticknock POC’s and map are being revised (2018-2019) but here are links to the 2012 POC’s on an older version of the map:

Ticknock POC: Long course

Ticknock POC Medium course

Ticknock POC Short course

See the Ticknock/Three Rock Wood location map here.

The Phoenix Park Visitor Centre at Ashtown Castle has a permanent orienteering course which you can download here. See the location map here.