Leinster Championships 17 April 2016

Leinster Championships 2016

3ROC staged the 2016 Leinster Championships at Carrick Mountain, Glenealy, Co. Wicklow, on Sunday 17th April. You can find the results here.

The Leinster Championships was also a selection race for the Junior World Championships (Switzerland in July), the Senior Home International (Wales in October) and the European Youth Championships (Poland in June).

Courses and classes were as follows:

Course 1 M21E 11.3 km/595 m climb 20 controls 1:15000 scale map

Course 2 M35, M18, M20, W21E 8.4 km/510 m 20 controls 1:15000

Course 3 M40, M45 7.5 km/375 m 18 controls 1:10000

Course 4 W18, W20, M50 6.5 km/340 m 13 controls 1:10000 (M50), 1:15000 (W18, W20)

Course  5 M16, M55, M60, W35, M21S 5.4 km/320 m 12 controls 1:10000

Course  6 M65, W40, W45, W21S 4.7 km/ 185 m 15 controls 1:10000

Course  7 W50, W55, W60, W16 4.0 km/ 180 m 12 controls 1:10000

Course  8 M70, W65 3.7 km/ 140 m 10 controls 1:10000

Course  9 M75, M80, W70 2.2 km/ 70 m 9 controls 1:10000

Course  10 M85, M90, W75, W80, W85, W90 1.9 km/ 60 m 7 controls 1:10000

Course  11 M14, W14, Light Green 3.2 km/ 75 m 10 controls 1:10000

Course  12 M12, W12, Orange 2.5 km/ 60 m 9 controls 1:10000

Course  13 M10, W10, Yellow 1.5 km/ 20 m 7 controls 1:10000

Course  14 Novice, Red 3.4 km/ 160 m 11 controls  1:10000

The area was used for the Leinster Championships in 1986, 30 years ago, to mark the 10th anniversary of 3ROC and we had a new map of the area to celebrate our 40th anniversary.

The map was surveyed by Pat Healy using new LIDAR data, kindly supported by IOA. Trina Cleary planned the courses; Angus Tyner (Setanta) was the Controller and Brigid Flanagan was Organiser.

You can still visit and like the LOC2016 Facebook page here.

Competition classes available: All classes from M/W10 to M/W90, with Elite and Short were available for M and W21 (Open) classes. Here is an explanation of how age classes work:

Most events in Ireland have colour-coded courses (Yellow, Green etc) and you can enter whatever course you like. At Championship events, most people enter in a particular age class (M14, or W65, say). Your age class is determined by your gender and how old you will be on the 31st December of the year of the competition. So even if you are not aged 40 until December you will compete in M or W 40 from January. The M/W refers to male (M) and female (W) and there will also sometimes be Elite (E) classes available in M/W18, 20 and 21. Elite is the top level of competition.

Your Age Your Age Class
10 and Under M/W 10
12 and Under M/W 12
14 and Under  M/W 14
16 and Under M/W 16
18 and Under  M/W 18
20 and Under   M/W 20
*Any Age M/W 21
35 and Over M/W 35
40 and Over M/W 40
45 and Over M/W 45
50 and Over   M/W 50
55 and Over M/W 55
60 and Over   M/W 60
65 and Over  M/W 65
70 and Over      M/W 70
75 and Over M/W 75
80 and Over M/W 80

Entry fees and deadlines

Up to March 28th Adult €16, Junior €8, Over 65/student/unwaged €10, Family €42.

Up to 4th April €20/10/12.50/50

Up to 10th April €24/12/15/58

Colour courses entry on the day Adult €10, Junior/Student/Over-65 €5, Family €20 (Yellow (very easy), Orange (easy) , Light Green (moderate), Red (aimed at runners) courses only)

SportIdent card rental €2 if you don’t have your own SI card.

Carrick map 1

Carrick Mountain (1990 revision)