3ROC W18 Trophy Found!

After a gap of several years the 3ROC Trophy presented to the winner of the W18 class at the Irish Championships has been found and the names brought up to date. The trophy dates from 1981 when clubs were asked to donate prizes for the Irish Championships. In a bid to encourage girls to stay in orienteering, we gave the IOA a cup for the then W17 class, later renamed W18.

The first winner was Ruth Blair (NWOC)  and the list of winners is a who’s who of Irish orienteering since then:

1981 Ruth Blair NWOC

1982 Deirdre Ni Challanáin Ajax

1983 Ursula Morrish LeeO

1984 Suzanne Clarke 3ROC

1985 Rhona Yard NWOC

1986 Vicky Whyte NWOC

1987 Rachel Burgess 3ROC

1988 Rachel Burgess 3ROC

1989 Jane Wilson LVO

1990 Jane Wilson LVO

1991 Karen Convery 3ROC

1992 Miriam Feehan BVCO

1993 Ailbhe Creedon CorkO

1994 Eunice Cinnamon LVO

1995 Toni O’Donovan CorkO

1996 Clare O’Connor CorkO

1997 Clare O’Connor Cork O

1998 Susan Healy GEN

1999 Caroline Dennehy BOC

2000 Sharon Lucey BOC

2001 Sharon Lucey BOC

2002 Niamh O’Boyle CNOC

2004 Ciara Largey FermO

2005 Erinna Foley-Fisher MNAV

2007 Hannah Maxwell LVO

2008 Áine McCann LVO

2009 Fiona Hill CNOC

2010 Andrea Stefkova LVO

2011 Deirdre Ryan CNOC

2012 Niamh Corbett CorkO