February 2nd Night-O at Killiney Hill Park

Ajax are running the 4th “Dublin by Night” event on Saturday. The details are below. Will Ger Butler top the table again as he did last week at Cronykeery?

Note: Night-O is only for experienced orienteers. If you are trying orienteering for the first time, come to one of the more conventional daytime events listed in the IOA fixture list – the next in the Dublin area is on Three Rock/Ticknock Wood on Sunday February 10th run by Dublin University Orienteers.

Round four of the 2013 Dublin-by-Night league takes place this Saturday evening, February 2nd, in Killiney Hill Park, Dublin. Starts are from dark until 7PM. The courses will close and control collection will start at 8PM sharp.
Please register here even if you are not certain you will go – it’s easier to delete your entry from the computer than to type in your details at the event. Make sure to include your mobile phone and transport arrangements (e.g. car reg number) on the entry form, this information is for safety only. Online registration closes at approx 4PM on Saturday; after that time please register at the event when you arrive.
This event returns to the minimalist style of organisation used for Dublin-by-Night events in days of yore. This means:
– There will be no signposts to the event. Killiney Hill Park is a short walk from Killiney Dart station and various bus routes.
– There will be no loose control descriptions, print your own or use the ones that are printed on the front of the map.
– The start will be unmanned, please start yourselves at approx one minute intervals.
Long course: 3.7km, 140m climb, technical difficulty 5.
Short course: 1.8km, 55m climb, technical difficulty 3.
The area is a mix of open parkland and steep forested hills with a lot of complex rock and vegetation detail. Map scale 1:5,000, with 5m contour intervals. Note that ISSOM conventions are used which means that a solid black line is an uncrossable wall, not a path. The start of one small track near the obelisk at the top of Killiney Hill is marked with red/white tape. Due to the hilly nature of the park the courses are quite steep. Runnability is good but sometimes slippery,  especially in the forest on the northern side of Killiney Hill.