Getting there … June 2020

Forest control

                            Can’t wait? Not long now …

Return to O: After the shutdown of organised orienteering since March (we’ve had an event at Griffeen Park mothballed from 15th March) there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. From the end of June we can travel countrywide and organised orienteering will be starting up again. There have been plenty of opportunities for do-it-yourself orienteering during the Covid-19 shutdown, with virtual orienteering, permanent courses, the “Lockdown Orienteering” series, the daily route choice problems from World of O and the daily Scottish orienteering puzzles and challenges. Physical fitness hasn’t been neglected either, with things like Colleen Robinson’s online workouts for juniors and adults, the virtual Irish Champs Relays and so on. Visit the IOA “DIY Orienteering” page here for orienteering opportunities and permanent courses.

Many major events around the world have been cancelled or postponed, including the World Championships, and there is some uncertainty about others, but we expect to be back with more-or-less normal orienteering in Ireland in July. The IOA has produced guidelines for competitors and organisers which you need to familiarise yourself with. Events are scheduled from early July at the moment.

Still, it will be great to get back out into the hills and forests. As Nick Barrable says in the most recent CompassSport magazine, “The beeps have started. The Long beep is not far away. Have patience – it will be worth the wait”.

You will remember that we were due to have the 2020 3ROC AGM on 7th April but it was postponed. We have decided to have a Zoom virtual AGM on Tuesday 30th June instead. members will get details e-mailed to them with information about how to take part, and copies of the agenda and reports. This is an exceptional measure but this was the preferred option in the poll we conducted among members, so make a note of the date.

Our next events are the three Tuesday evening events in the Phoenix Park on August 11, 18 and 25. We are still waiting for confirmation from the OPW that these can go ahead but we are working on the basis that they will. After that we’re planning a League event on 20th September in Wicklow.

See you before long in the forest!