Next 3ROC Events

Watch out for the next few 3ROC events:

On the 26th December we have our annual St Stephen’s Day score event on Three Rock Mountain where we work off the excess pounds put on the day before. This is the day when orienteers from home and abroad meet up and run for fun, with extra points awarded for fancy dress.  Start times 10.30 to 12.00. Courses close 1.00.  More details and opportunities to volunteer later.

Soon after this we have the first Dublin by Night night-O, again on Three Rock Mountain, planned by Ger Butler on Saturday 12th January. The DBN series has been running for a number of years and has gradually moved from tame park areas into more challenging forested ones, made possible byu the greater experience of night-O and the advances in lighting technology which give brighter lights for longer. Again, more details later.

The last spring event for 3ROC is our Leinster Series competition at Clarabeg, near Laragh, Co. Wicklow, on 21st April, the weekend after the Leinster Championships. More details later.

There are plenty other events on – keep an eye on the IOA Fixture List here.