SHI & Leinster at Carlingford

Thanks to everyone for helping at yesterday’s epic event at Carlingford. Two Irish winners on the SHI team (Toni O’Donovan in W21 and Jack Millar in M20) put a smile on the faces of the 3rd placed Irish team. The results are here  and there are a few photos on the 3ROC facebook page.

The final scores tally after two days was: Scotland 48, England 46, Ireland 31, Wales 15.

Scotland’s Murray Strain recorded his impressions on his AttackPoint training log:

EPIC! About 90% of the course in thick mist so it was relentlessly technical and seemed to go on forever. Cliffs and drops would appear from nowhere, it was pretty hard to simplify or plan ahead. Lost Englanders and Irelanders would just appear out of the mist and vanish again just as quickly. I’d probably have done better with the lights turned on but it was definitely a better challenge and possibly more fun this way!

We also raised more than €250 for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Dublin with the collection at the gate of the field. Thank you all for your generosity.