This week’s news – May 5 2014

Well done to all our prizewinners and survivors from the weekend’s Irish Championships! We had several Irish Champions from the club in each of the three individual races, and a second and third place in the Relay – see more below. You can see photos of the Championships on the IOA Facebook page here.

Looking forward, though, we have the final event in the Leinster Spring Cup on Sunday 11th May, run by GEN at Brockagh, near Laragh, Co. Wicklow. Start times are 11 to 1 pm, the usual colour courses from easy Yellow to long and difficult Brown.  Depending on the start location there could be a 5 km drive on forest roads to the assembly area, so don’t leave it too late to travel. A late start will also mean you’ll miss the Giro d’Italia. You can see the Leinster League standings here. Have a look at the Brockagh map used in the 2011 Irish Championships here. The latest information says the event entrance is on the Laragh to Wicklow Gap road, so the 5 km drive won’t be necessaey. See the event information here.

The following Tuesday (13th) the CNOC summer evening series stars at Donadea, Co. Kildare, and the IMRA evening hill races have already started. Details here. There’s a race at The Scalp (Wed 7th), Glendasan (Sunday 11th) and Djouce (Wednesday 14th) … as if we didn’t have enough around Glendasan last weekend (actually it’s right next to the GEN Brockagh event too).

We’re also lucky to have a club team accepted in the Wicklow Way Relay on Saturday 24th May – more details later.

Club fitness training continues on Monday and Thursday evenings at Belfield at 6.30 pm.

Anyway, back to the Irish Championships: I’ll add a list of prizewinners here on Wednesday evening when I have time …

3ROC at the Irish Championships:

Sprint:   Caoimhe May 3rd W12,  Clodagh Moran 1st W14, Eoin McCullough 1st M20, Cliona McCullough 1st W20, Mary O’Connell 1st W50, Nora Lee 3rd W55, Áine Uí Shúilleabáin 3rd W60,  Trina Cleary 2nd W70,  Frank Martindale 1st M75, Vera Murtagh 1st W75, Colm Moran 1st M21, Una May 3rd W21.

Middle Distance: Cian May 1st M14, Aidan McCullough 3rd M14, Pat Flanagan 1st M70, Caoimhe May 3rd W12, Clodagh Moran 1st W14, Trina Cleary 1st W70, Justin May 1st M55L, John Riordan 3rd M45S, Brendan McGrath 3rd M65L, John McCullough 1st M60L, Gerry Cunningham 3rd M45L, Eoin McCullough 1st M20A, Brigid Flanagan 1st W65L, Monica Nowlan 2nd W65L.

Classic Distance:  Oisin May 2nd M10, Cian May 1st M14, Clodagh Moran 1st W14, Gerry Cunningham 2nd M45L, Una May 1st W45L, Conor Walsh 2nd M45S, John McCullough 1st M60L, Áine Ui Shúilleabháin 1st W60L, Brendan McGrath 2nd M65L, Máire Walsh 1st W65L, Trina Cleary 2nd W70, Colm Moran 2nd M21E, Pat Flanagan 3rd M70L.

Relay:  2nd Junior 48-: Clodagh Moran, Aidan McCullough, Cian May.

3rd Open Premier: Ger Butler, Eoin McCullough, Colm Moran.

Congratulations everyone!