Well done at Clarabeg!

Thanks to everyone for their help in running our event yesterday at Clarabeg. Pat chose a sheltered, sunny spot for the start, in a Scottish-looking area of forest with Scots pine, and fraughans and heather underfoot. The forest has changed a lot from the first time we mapped it for the 1978 Leinster Two-Day, based on an earlier map by Joss Lynam. Joss’s grandson, Conor Short, was second on the Brown course, which was won by M50 Aonghus O’Cléirigh, who ran in Clarabeg as an M19 (what would now be called an M20) back at that 1978 2-Day. Pat included some interesting route choices with long legs across the forest and up and over Trooperstown Hill. Organiser Lindie put together a hard working team on the day and Controller Trina kept everyone on their toes.

We had a good turnout of 3ROC members running too, from M10’s to M80’s: we hope you enjoyed the day.

A beautiful day on Saturday for putting out the controls gave way to a wet night and a damp early morning which cleared to sunshine for the runners, with a few showers afterwards for the control collectors.

The Welsh mountains were visible from the slopes of Trooperstown Hill, but that was the least of the concerns of the runners!

Results are on the IOA website here and can also be viewed from the 3ROC web site Results page.